How to Access Running Processes on Android?

More and more we want to know how to work and enjoy our smartphone on your maximum potential. With so many applications on our mobile phone, sometimes certain anomalies can arise and if you know which the processes running on androidyou may detect problems and abnormal situations.

Don’t know how to access these processes? Don’t worry, read on that we explain everything.

1. Access Developer Options

To know which running processes must first access the Developer Options. To do so, follow these steps:

  • access to Definitions from android
  • Click on “About Phone”
  • Click on “Software Information”

After accessing this list, you should see an option that says “build number” or “Version Number” depending on your device. Click a few times in succession until a message appears notifying you that is already a programmer.

Services in Execution

If you return to the previous menu, the option of “Developer Options“. Upon entering there, you will find a long selection of actions that you probably didn’t know about. You must be wondering why this option is so important. Here you can mainly find anomalies and answers to your mobile phone problems.

2. Access Running Processes

Now that you have the Developer Options, you will find in this list the option “Services in Execution“. There you can see which applications or services are currently running. Many of them will be associated with the essential functioning of the smartphone. Take your time and take it easy on the list.

Running Processes

3. Control Running Services

When looking at the list, you should take into account which applications these running services are connected to. This information allows the services in question to be subsequently stopped or reported. resulting in interruption of the processes running on Android.


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