Iphone and Android: How to copy contacts from one to the other?

Gone are the days when contact and data processes between the two communication giants were a headache. Today these processes are well more simplified and accessible All of us. Changed software system and don’t know how to copy contacts from one to the other? Don’t worry, read on and we’ll help!

1. Sync contacts with Google Account

The first step to copy contacts with this option is to create a Google account. If you already have a Google email you can use that one, so you will continue to use your usual email account. After creating the Google account, on the iPhone go to the settings and in the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” press the option “THEadd account” and in G-Mail enter your usual login information.

The iPhone will ask for the data you want to sync from your Google account, make sure the option “Çcontact” is selected. At this time iPhone and Android devices will sync contacts with each other. Make sure you have a good internet connection throughout the sync process.

You will not receive any notification on iPhone when contacts are synchronizedso you should go to Google contacts, log in and check the contact list. Once they are fully synced, log in to your Android device with your Google Account data and the process is complete. You will have all your iPhone contacts on Android.

This whole process also works in reverse, that is, Android to iPhone.

Copy Contacts

2. Transfer Contacts with iCloud

One of the fastest techniques to copy contacts from iPhone to Android is to use the iCloud. Once you have iCloud turned on on your iPhone, follow the process below:

  • access to settings
  • click in Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • then go to Bills
  • select iCloud
  • activate the option Contacts

After selecting the above options, iPhone will ask you to merge device contacts with iCloud.

When this step is completed, access the website of the icloud, login with your Apple ID and select the option “Contacts”. In the lower left corner, click on the “Definitions” and then in “Select all”, after this step is completed, click on the wheel again and choose the option “Export vCard”.

To complete this process, log into your G-Mail and select “Mail” → “Contacts” → “More” → “Import” → “Choose File” → “Saved vCard”.

When the import is finished G-Mail will show the number of contacts that have been imported. It may happen that you have some duplicate contacts, if this happens just select the option “Find and Merge Duplicates” in the tab “Most”.

iCloud_Copy Files

3. Transfer with iTunes

If your contacts are stored locally or you are using a different account than G-Mailyou can also copy the contacts via the iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.

First, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and navigate to the screen device by clicking “iPhone” in the upper right corner. Open the Info option and then the box next to “Sync contacts with”. Choose “Google Contacts” from the drop-down menu and enter the information your Google account when prompted.

Once the iPhone finishes syncing, do Login on your device android with information from your Google account and your contacts will all be there.

Contacts Transfer


The previous methods are all with applications, or online accounts, available on your smartphone or online. However, there are other options such as applications that you can download to your App Store or Google Play Store. Below you will find a list of applications that will allow you to carry out this process in a practical and fast way.

Applications to Copy Contacts

Have you ever gone through a process of those in which you had to transfer your data from the IOS system for the android system, or vice versa? If yes, share with your friends and family. Like you, many others go through this process and sometimes don’t know how to facilitate this whole process that can be fast and effective.

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