Know 6 Myths and Truths about your Smartphone Battery

We’ve all come across certain situations where our smartphone ran out of battery at the least ideal moment, right? Sometimes we wonder if we are giving the best use and best care to the battery of our smartphone and with the day to day we hear different opinions about what can cause the battery to wear out. But what are the Myths and Truths About Your Smartphone Battery? Read on to find out.

1. Battery life decreases over time


This decrease in batteries could happen with the older ones, nickel cadmium (NiCd). However, recent smartphone batteries, produced with lithium iondo not suffer from this problem.

We have to keep in mind that a smartphone, nowadays, has more and more different applications and functions that help the battery charge last less time.

2. Only charge the battery when it runs out completely


Allowing the battery to fully discharge can even damage the battery. That’s why smartphones warn that the battery is running out, usually at 15%, so that we get ready to be able to charge it.

smartphone battery

3. Charging the battery halfway saves Charge Cycles


As we have already discussed in our blog, the Battery Charge Cycles are extremely important and we must know what our battery cycles are in order to give it the best possible care.

A battery cycle consists of 100% of the same. Therefore, charging only to 50% or 75% will not make any difference to the Battery Cycles of the same. If you want to learn more about these cycles, you should read the following article: How to know your Android’s Battery Charge Cycles.

4. Battery discharges faster when exposed to high temperatures


The hotter the battery is, more quickly this one will download. Always be careful where you place your smartphone. avoid place it in the sun or carry it under a pillow or blanket.

Some smartphones nowadays already emit a Warning when the battery is getting quite hot, asking you to place the smartphone in a cooler place so that it can cool down.

Battery Charge Cycles

5. It is harmful to use the smartphone while it is charging


There is no problem in enjoying your smartphone while it is charging. The only thing that changes is the time it will have to charge, which increases because we are using the equipment.

We just have to keep in mind one thing: we shouldn’t overload the smartphone while it is charging, with heavy applications or games as it can heat up the battery a lot.

6. Unofficial chargers can harm the battery


When using chargers that are not the official brand from our smartphone we can be to harm the same battery. The unofficial porters eliminate several security items, in order to reduce the costs of selling to the public, which can harm the mobile phone.

Myths and Truths about Batteries

In short, the battery of our smartphones is aextremely important component for its proper functioning. We must pay attention to the care it needs and, as a priority, “listen” to our smartphone.

But if you feel that something might be wrong with your device, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ours specialized technicians will make a full diagnosis and free quote and will help you understand what’s going on.


knew some of these Myths or Truths about your Smartphone battery? share this information with your friends and family and, together, we will make known the best practices for the care of your equipment.

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