What is the best protective film for your cell phone?

We all know nowadays it’s crucial we protect our cell phone from possible falls and scratches, which come from everyday situations! However, with so much on the market, sometimes we don’t even know which choice will be right. After all what is the best protective film for your cellphone? Read on and find out.

Why do we need a protective film?

Before we see what options we have on the table, we have to understand the because of a film being something so crucial.

The functionality of a film is only protect the screen from your smartphone. Once applied, it creates a “second screen” on your device, that is, in the event of an accident with your smartphone, the first material to be damaged will be the film and not the mobile phone screen. Therefore, choosing a good film is important to effectively protect our smartphone screen.

What is the best protective film for your cell phone?

types of films

1. PET Films

These are films made from polyethylene that provide protection from scratches and fallsare cheaper, light and thin which makes them less visible when applied to your smartphone. They are suitable for smartphones curved screen giving a soft touch feeling. The disadvantage of these films is that they leave the screen a little brighter which may cause embarrassment to some users.

2. Glass films

They are the most resistant against falls and risks in the market. Today, they are at a lowest and affordable price. Unlike PET, the glass films, because they are thicker, become more visible on the screen, which can remove some sensitivity to the touch, but not compromising its operation.

3. Liquid films

sare the ones that give you less protection, as it is a liquid solution that when applied to the screen only creates a very thin protective barrier that does not protect against deeper scratches. Over time, this film will wear out even further, reducing the protection of your equipment’s screen.

4. Gel films

sare made with materials that allow the full absorption of an impact. They are malleable and adapt to any screen covering it in its entirety, thus offering complete protection. In terms of thickness, it is smaller than those of glass, but unlike these, the gel films do not crack and do not break, allowing for greater durability, however their replacement is necessary when their wear is evident.

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Glass Films or Gel Films?

At tempered glass films, as a rule, are 0.3 centimeters thick. They are films of high rigidity and in the event of a fall, it is most likely to crack somewhere, but without ever compromising the touch on the screen. One of the disadvantages of this type of film is that it wears out easily over time, because even without any accident, the film suffers wear and tear, compromising the visibility of the screen. Another disadvantage is the reduced malleability, that is, this type of film is not suitable for equipment with a curved screen.

At gel films are the most recent on the market and have been winning over their users as the best film available, offering a greater durability and malleability. Its thickness is smaller than that of glass films, but its effect in the event of an impact is exactly the same. The biggest advantage over glass ones is the fact that don’t get damaged so easilythat is, in the event of a fall, they hardly break, which allows for a “new” appearance for longer, however, we must pay attention to sharp objects, such as keys, as they easily scratch the surface of the film, not compromising its use, but compromising its aesthetics/appearance.

Hydrogel Film

Why use a Hydrogel Protective Film?

Now available on TecniMobilethis film is the most flexible, toughest, most discreet and self-repairing film protecting your smartphone and smartwatch better than ever. The world’s toughest screen protector.


  • self regenerative
  • scratch resistant
  • Don’t “Shatter”
  • Anti-drop, shockproof
  • perfect fit (even on curved screens)
  • discreet (reduced thickness)

At hydrogel films are made of a type of malleable and extremely resistant plastic, the perfect alternative to traditional glass films for those who want greater protection for their smartphone, being even more discreet.

Its thickness is slightly smaller, compared to tempered glass, however, as they are made of a very flexible material, their impact absorption efficiency is higher. More resistant to wear, never breaking which increases its durability.

They are a good option for both mobile phones and smartwatches with a curved screen or rounded edges. They easily adapt to different formats and cover all areas of the same while glass ones do not easily adhere to curved screens. At TecniMobile we make yours film on timein order to be 100% compatible and suitable for your mobile phone.


After all this information about the film variants, what do you consider to be the best protective film to your cell phone? If you have any questions regarding the placement of the film, do not hesitate to contact us. leave our specialized technicians take care of your mobile phone with the utmost care and professionalism.

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